About us

Fresh the Clownsss was established in February 2013

Fresh the Clownsss was created by Ira Smith aka Fresh the Clown. Fresh started the company after a family friend asked him to dress up as a clown and perform at her child's birthday party. Not knowing that he was being filmed at the event, it went viral and he blew up overnight. 

He became an overnight sensation. Adored and loved by everyone.

     The business grew so rapidly that he could not fill the demand so he decided to hire a set of clowns and would be known as and called themselves "Fresh The Clownsss". From there it only grew.

     The company was such a success that Fresh was asked to bring his clowns on the road and travel with The UniverSoul Circus. That great opportunity skyrocketed the company. Kids from all over the world now know Fresh The Clownsss. Fresh himself decided to use that platform to teach kids. "Fresh the Clownsss" has become an online viral sensation, with dance and music videos, even starting one of the most successful online dance challenges, the "Juju on The Beat" dance. Fresh the Clownsss troupe, with cast members aged 10-30 from around the country, has been part of the UniverSoul Circus for the past few years, spreading its cheerful positivity around the country. They have also made appearances on the BET Awards and "Showtime at the Apollo." The group is available for bookings, performing all around Michigan, Georgia and are available out of state, as well.