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Fresh the Clownsss was established in 2013

Mr. Ira Smith better known as Fresh The Clown, he was  asked by a friend to dress as a clown and perform at their child's birthday celebration.


Mr. Smith did not know what was ahead of him after a recording of the event went viral he decided to expand and developed not only a business, but a brand known as “FRESH THE CLOWNSSS”


Through trail and error, Mr. Smith kept striving with the company that led him to employ over 30 young talented clowns, with some great accomplishments, one of them being, featured at the BET AWARDS SHOW and SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO.  


Mr. Smith's vision were bigger than his friends and family could imagine. The UniverSoul Circus  simply loved their energy, talent and business minded nature so much they was asked to join the show and travel the world and perform live in front of thousand of fans.


FRESH THE CLOWNSSS are creative innovators who created the JUJU ON THE BEAT DANCE Challenge across all social platforms. Mr. Smith and his team are very humble and grateful for all of their supporters.

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